Moneterra clients are sure to receive a professional service, quality, security and environmentaly friendly approach with every project we handle.

Monterra d.o.o. main specialty is geotechnics. Apart from continuously educating our employees, we make sure to invest in modernising our equipment in order to complete the projects in a secure and reliable manner and on time.

One of Monterra priorities is continuous education in the field of work safety. The fact that safety comes first is clearly reflected in our business success.

Some of Monetrra investors are HŽ Infrastruktura Ltd., Strabag Plc., GP Krk Plc., Hrvatske Ceste Ltd., Pružne građevine Ltd., County Road Authorities (Županijske uprave za ceste), Public Utility Company Samobor (Komunalac Samobor), Ceste Rijeka Ltd., Colas Varaždin Ltd.,, Ddalekovod Plc., Janaf Plc., Hep Plc., and many others.